8mm Flat Polished Classic Grooved Titanium Rings

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8mm Flat Polished Classic Grooved Titanium Rings

This classic Titanium ring is 8mm wide, and features a polished finish with a flat top and 2 grooves. Titanium jewelry is high quality, good color and luster. Titanium jewelry is lightweight, durable and strong. What’s more, it is very safe for our body. This hand-crafted, lightweight, and durable Titanium ring is perfect for an upcoming engagement, anniversary gift or to update/replace an existing wedding ring.

Only slightly heavier than aluminium with the strength of steel, titanium becomes is the quality standard in all fields. With jewelry, titanium's light weight translates into comfort.

Titanium won't react with any part of the body, making it a great choice for even those persons most sensitive to other materials. When a person has an allergic reaction when wearing a pair of gold or silver earrings due to the alloys, it is recommended that they switch over to titanium earrings. And unlike silver, titanium will never tarnish!


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Type of Fit:Comfort-Fit Band

Sizes:US Whole & Half Sizes 5-14.5

Style:Flat with 2 grooves, Classic, Polished Finish






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